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May always lives near the sea: in the far East; South China Sea, down under; Tasman Sea and now the south east; South Atlantic. She likes to sail, wind surf, kite surf, snowboard or hang glide. “Gliding in between water, wind and cloud” is her motto.

When she was very young, she danced in front of the TV, whenever there were dancer moving across the screen. Later she was told that she was too old to begin to be trained as a ballerina. That was the beginning of her mid-life crisis at twelve. When she watched her art teacher throwing on the wheel the first time, she was determined to learn just that before she was too old.

May is connected with clay ever since the first kick wheel class in school. No matter where she went, she found her creative outlet with clay. It might be a tiny clay club next to the train station close to her first office, ceramic department across the campus from the business school, Art Centers down I95 50 miles away, summer Arts school on Vancouver Island near her family, Ceramic tours to China, friend’s kiln down the road or home studio.

Now May does Tai Chi on the floor, and finger ballet on clay. Both take centering, balancing, gliding with “qi” (energy) and “yi” (intention) over force.

About May

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